Bazuzu, Alternative Pop. Original Release Date, 2015.

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Whatever - BAZUZU


Verse 1 -

One saxophone is bad enough
Two saxophones are beyond a joke
Just my opinion and if you don't like it
Well, I'm really sorry that I spoke

One saxophone is a pain in the ear
But two saxophones are a pain in the arse
I'd rather be at home in the quiet of my room
Sitting on the sofa, watching the landing on Mars

Verse 2 -

Standing at the bus stop
On a freezing cold November night
Now I start to shiver
But I'm homeward bound so that's alright

One saxophone is bad enough
Two saxophones are more than I can take
I'd much rather be drinking Martini
With Elizabeth Rizzini, followed by coffee and cake

Chorus 1 -

Whatever happened to the Beatles and the Stones
The bakelite radio and the old skool telephone
Whatever happened to Mary Lou
Whatever happened to Peggy Sue
Whatever happened to the world that you and I once knew
I wish I knew ...... I wish I knew

Middle 12 / 1 -

The hanging moon is a sight to behold
As I walk from the bus stop in the freezing cold
To my home, sweet home, to my humble abode

Verse 3 -

One saxophone is bad enough
But two saxophones are ten times worse
Just need to find me a quiet place
Somewhere where I can quench my thirst

The Swordfish has always been a favourite of mine
And the alehouse that I'm sitting in is really rather fine
But the music's shite and if I'm brutally honest
Then I have to say I'm really not having a very good time

Chorus 2 = Chorus 1

Middle 12 / 2 = Middle 12 / 1

Chorus 3 = Chorus 1

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